Friday, October 28, 2016

#3 - Thirst Due date -Nov. 9th

As the reporters leave town, the cities water leaves with it. There is a problem with the main water line heading into the city and the whole city’s water cuts off. No one knows why it was shut off or for how long it will be off, and the mayor has mysteriously left town. The fishing pond and Rainbow River immediately become hot spots for local residents to take showers and wash their clothes. Tensions rise throughout the city as people fight over the little water left in the area. School and some jobs are temporarily cancelled in this state of emergency and as expected, most residents begin to panic.
Some people band together to collectively search for water while others simply stay put and manage their remaining resources. Nevertheless, everyone is out and about dealing with the tough situation.

Everyone in the blog city interacted with at least one person this week
The confirmed interactions are as follows:

Annabell Amelie Adamson either Wren Henry or Jamie Medina
Autumn Moore-Wren Dillan
Candice Arnett-Scarlett White
Sasha Tary-Rick Flame
Hal South-Olive Roderiguez
Henry Johnson-Lucien Marr
Howard Chapman-Laurelil Steson
Anthony Moretti, Sophie Stone, or Milton Brock
Baker Shefield-Rory Langely
Barnabas Evergreen-Rebekah Mershire
Cecelia Fisher-Philip Hornbuckle
Colette Mikealson-Nephele Neil
Ellen Davis-Munny Pang
Elliott Varane-Masie Waren-Loe
Harvey Potter-Jenn Sonyac
Gaia Lux-Jackie Wackerman

Man Low- ????

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