Friday, April 28, 2017

#8 - "Soft Pipes, Play on"

"'I am thinking, young man, about the final sentence for The Books of Bokonon. The time for the final sentence has come.'" - Cat's Cradle, K. Vonnegut.

Rory has posted her last blog. You should write your last one in reference to hers. Good-bye, Rory, you will be missed...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Post #7 - Moonlight Sonata - Due Thursday, April 20th

"Don't tell me the moon is shinning; show me the glint of light on broken glass." -- Antone Chekov

After the horrendous storm, the neighborhood makes an effort to clean-up things. Everyone tries to pitch-in, some more successfully than others.

As sunset approaches, a small festival with a few rides and some folk music gather in the park. A small stage is set-up on the basketball court.  There is the smell of fresh baked goods wafting around.

As the sun goes down, an outdoor movie screen is raised and  "The Little Mermaid" is the feature.  Everyone seems happy about that.

Since the evening is so pleasant, people are reluctant to leave and return indoors.  There's an announcement at the end of the movie that at 2AM there will be a lunar eclipse.  The moon will be full. People are excited.

Later, as the moon reappears and people make their way home, some notice that St. Cecilia's church is completely gone, leaving in its place one, single pew.

(The story is nearing the end, so plan accordingly.  Your character may meet his/her prepared.)