Monday, October 3, 2016

#2- This is living? Due date: Oct. 11th

The editor of Southern Living crooked a discerning eyebrow at the underwhelming façade of The Victorian. It was 8:30 am, but she’d been up since 5, and her crew had a long day ahead of them doing interviews and photoshoots. They were covering this town for a piece titled “15 Southern Towns Making a Comeback”, but she had yet to see what exactly was supposed to be coming back in this tumbledown town. Her proposal team was going to get an earful when she got back.

The apartment building groaned as if to protest her thoughts. Anica Mathews scanned it critically once more, wryly wondering how she could sell this ancient, hulking establishment to her readers. A lived-in feel? Nostalgia for an era gone by? The quaint touch of antiquity would be stretching it a bit. She resolved to think about it later. Turning sharply on her heel, she issued orders to the veritable army waiting behind her.

“Reporters, make-up artists, photographers, pair up! Knock on every door! I want to know everything about everybody who lives here! Where they work, what they eat, when they sleep, hell, even hows deys momandem? Give me pictures! If it ain’t pretty, make it pretty! If it ain’t interesting, make it interesting! If they slam the door in your face, pick the lock! We have a magazine to produce! You got it?

“GOT IT!” They chorused back at her, enthused, then scurried through the crookedly hanging front door, ants ready to swarm. Anica could already hear indignant shouting issuing from the lobby. Smiling smugly, she resettled her designer hat atop her perfectly coiffed hair and set off towards city hall. She had a meeting with the mayor to get to.

This is how your story continues: accosted by pushy magazine employees, determined to include you in a feature of Southern Living. Enjoy.

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