Friday, March 3, 2017

Post #6 - The God of Small Things - due March 8th

"Things can change in a day." -- Arundhati Roy

The details make the story interesting and develop your character, but every detail is necessary.  Include only the things that are necessary to keep the development going.  

There should be a transformation.  Big, like 180 transformation.  You will probably have two more blogs until the last one. 

Must haves:

Thunder and lightening and rain all day and night. You could be in it, watching it, see a tree set on fire, or something--make it useful and interesting. 

Go eat somewhere, get take-out, or cook a meal at home and use it in the development of your character. 

Include one of the following:

1) a labyrinth
2) a song or it's lyrics, a line
3) a line(s) from a book

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